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Two Miami Men Die In I-95 Crash, Driver Charged With DUI

A 2010 crash on Interstate 95 left two Miami men dead, put four in the hospital and police dumbfounded. The crash killed Victor H. Morales-Calderon, 49, and Wuilmer A. Sanchez, 31 and it took police officers nearly two years to charge a suspect. But now police have finally charged a driver in connection with the Nov. 16, 2010 crash.

On Nov. 16, 2010, Morales-Calderon and Sanchez pulled off to a grassy part of I-95 near Sunrise Boulevard to change a flat tire on their Ford Explorer. The other three passengers remained in the Explorer. While Morales-Calderon and Sanchez were changing the tire, a drunken driver crashed his Toyota Camry into the men. The three passengers and the driver were transported to Broward area hospitals to treat their injuries while Morales-Calderon and Sanchez died at the scene.

This week, police arrested Ravindra K. Mahanand, 26, of Clermont, and charged him with DUI death and DUI with serious bodily injury. He was taken to a Broward county jail and booked. The injured passengers have all been released from their respective hospitals.

Suspect arrested in 2010 DUI crash on I-95 that left two dead, July 19, 2012.

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