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Victims of Boston Marathon Bombing Face Potentially Astronomical Medical Bills

The victims of the Boston Marathon bombing face a pricey road of medical expenses ahead as they start their journeys on the road to recovery. An amputation alone, on average, costs at least $20,000, high-tech artificial limbs will require another $50,000, and physical therapy expenses will dictate tens of thousands more. These are just a fraction of the costs that victims will face in the coming months and years.

While victims may not be thinking of the medical bills piling up, their families, friends, and even strangers are setting up fundraisers and online “crowd-funding sites.” The City of Boston has already collected over $23 million in donations from individuals and corporations. No one knows at this time if these donations, combined with health insurance and other funds, will suffice to cover the medical bills incurred by the three killed and more than 260 injured in the attack. The injuries suffered range from at least fifteen with amputated limbs to countless others with head injuries and tissue torn apart by shrapnel.

Unfortunately, health insurance often does not cover some of the costs associated with these injuries. While health insurers typically pay for basic artificial limbs, they do not pay for more advanced models that provide life-like joints. Rose Bissonnette, through the organization she founded, the New England Amputee Association, is trying to help the victims by dealing directly with the insurance companies. Bissonnette stated she has already faced push-back from the insurance companies.

Boston victims face huge bills; donations pour in, April 25, 2013

Ted Miller, a health economist, stated that treatment for traumatic brain injuries, which is what at least one survivor is said to be suffering from, can cost millions of dollars. Further, medical costs will be expended on the treatment of anxiety and post-traumatic stress after such a horrific event. Additional costs included lost wages, as many victims will face significant time away from work, or even have to change their professions. And others will be forced to pay to alter their automobiles or homes to accommodate wheelchairs.

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