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Woman Continues to Suffer Two Months After Devastating Washington Crash

A Washington woman continues to suffer from the effects of a devastating car accident that occurred over two months ago. Fifty-one-year-old Terri Cantor was within minutes of arriving at work on the morning of November 15 when Johnothon Bagley, twenty-seven, crossed the center line on a residential road in Lowell, Washington and slammed head-on into Cantor’s vehicle. Cantor stated that she had no time to swerve and avoid the impact with Bagley’s vehicle. Cantor was rushed from the scene of the accident in an ambulance, bleeding heavily. She was taken from one hospital to another and was kept in the intensive care unit for five days.

Cantor suffered extensive physical injuries because of the crash, including two crushed heels, a broken leg, pelvis, and two ribs, and a dislocated thumb. She underwent ten hours of surgery to repair her heels and she has an extensive number of screws and metal drilled into her broken bones. The nerve damage in her feet is extensive, causing sensational feelings of burning and icy coldness. Currently, Cantor is confined to a wheelchair and is unable to work. Her medical bills exceed $350,000.

Bagley was driven to the police station after the accident, as police believed he was under the influence of drugs when he crashed into Cantor. He fell asleep on the way to the police station and he dozed in and out as he was questioned. His eyes were bloodshot and his eyelids were droopy. His speech was slowed and slurred. On the day of the crash, Bagley was awaiting sentencing for driving while under the influence of drugs. In August, three months before the crash, his license was suspended. After the crash, police obtained a search warrant for Bagley’s vehicle and found drug paraphernalia and narcotics. The crash investigation is coming to a close, but Bagley has yet to be charged in the incident.

Pain from crash continues for Everett woman, January 24, 2013

Cantor wants people to understand the extreme danger of driving while impaired. Because of this accident, she has faced many physical and emotional hurdles that have completely changed her life. Financially, she faces a mountain of overwhelming bills and endless dealings with insurance companies. Motor vehicles have the potential to cause great harm if they are not operated properly. Someone’s life can be turned upside down in a split second because of negligent operation of an automobile. The Broward automobile accident attorneys at Friedland | Carmona understand how devastating car accidents can be when a driver is negligent. Our insurance litigation attorneys have spent over twenty years helping victims of serious car accidents. Call (305) 661-2008 today for your free consultation!

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