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8 dead in Southern California After Another Serious Bus Crash

After a day of skiing at Big Bear Mountain in Southern California at least eight are dead and more than thirty-five injured. A Scapadas Magicas LLC bus driver lost control of the vehicle when its brakes began to malfunction while driving down State Route 38 near Yucaipa, California. By the time it came to rest, the bus laid sideways blocking both lanes of travel and its front end was crushed.

Thirty-eight people loaded onto the bus in Tijuana, Mexico early Sunday morning to head to Big Bear for a day of skiing. The crash occurred as the bus was headed down the mountain, on its way back to cross the border. The bus driver told investigators that as he descended the mountain, the brakes gave out. The bus rear-ended one car, flipped, and then struck a pickup truck carrying a trailer.

The severity of the crash made it difficult for first responders to determine how many were injured or dead. Michelle Profant, California Department of Transportation spokeswoman stated “[i]t’s really a mess up there with body parts.” Passengers were transported to a number of area hospitals suffering from injuries ranging from minor to life-threatening. One of those hospitals, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, stated that it had treated six passengers, two who were discharged Monday morning, two in stable condition, and two who remained in critical condition. This crash came less than a day after a bus in Boston, Massachusetts carrying high school students slammed into an overpass.

8 killed in Calif. bus crash of Mexican day skiers, February 3, 2013

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