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South Florida Ranked As Having Some of Most Congested Roadways in Country

South Florida is ranked again as one of the worst urban areas for traffic congestion. Over the past year, the region, which includes Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, experienced a worsening in traffic conditions. The 2012 Urban Mobility Report issued by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute ranked South Florida in 11th place of the 15 urban areas with the worst congestion.

Each year, a university research institution that is considered the national authority on transportation issues compiles the Urban Mobility Report. The report offers one of the nation’s most accurate measures of traffic conditions in large metropolitan areas. This year’s report includes, for the first time, a Planning Time Index (PTI), which was offered to determine the impact of traffic congestion on commuters. The PTI provides drivers with the amount of extra time needed to arrive to their ultimate destination on time.

The PTI gives commuters a number that corresponds with the average time it takes to make a trip during times of heavy traffic compared to the time it would normally take. According to the report, “[i]f the PTI for a particular trip is 3.00, a traveler would allow 60 minutes for a trip that typically takes 20 minutes when few cars are on the road.” South Florida was assigned a PTI of 3.60, while Washington, D.C., the city ranked as having the worst traffic congestion, was assigned a PTI of 5.72. Other cities ranked in the top 15 worst urban areas for traffic congestion include Boston, New York City-Newark, Atlanta, and Chicago.

Traffic woes: South Florida roads among most congested in U.S., February 5, 2013

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