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NYC Bus Crashes Into Long Island Home, Killing Young Boy

A New York City transit bus was driving along its normal route when it hit a pedestrian and smashed through a suburban home, leaving the six-year-old boy inside the home dead. Six year old David Granados and his seven year old brother had been playing in the Hempstead home’s front bedroom around 9:30 p.m. when the bus came crashing through the window. Both boys suffered injuries and were rushed to the hospital, where David was pronounced dead. The older boys injuries were minor.

The Nassau Inter County Express bus driver saw a pedestrian and attempted to alert him that the bus was coming his way, even honking his horn at the pedestrian before the accident. The bus driver swerved in an effort to avoid hitting the pedestrian, but failed and struck the passenger. He lost control of the bus and it went careening into the multi-family home on Long Island. According to police, eight of the eleven passengers aboard the bus suffered minor injuries. The police are investigating the accident, but as of now, there is no indication of any apparent criminality.

Bus plows into NY home, killing 6-year-old boy, November 28, 2012.

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