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Musician Mauled by Dog, Receives 30 Stitches

Dirty Dozens Brass Band trumpeter Efrem Towns was attacked by a fellow band member’s dog last week and has been forced to miss several shows. Towns knocked on the door of fellow Dirty Dozens Brass Band member Roger Lewis’s hotel room and when Lewis opened the door, the dog attached Towns. “I don’t know if it was a dog, wolverine, bear, mongoose or what. I just knew something had me,” Towns said. The dogs owner was in another room, but came over during the attack and along with Lewis, was able to subdue the animal.

Towns was taken to Atlanta’s Grady Hospital and was given 30 stitches to his groin area. He is expected to see a urologist this week. “I’m basically immobilized – it’s hard getting around. I’m kind of miserable,” he said. Towns will miss all of the bands gigs through December 28, 2012 and even then, he is not sure if he will be able to perform that show. He does believe he will still be able to practice while injured. Towns and his wife own five dogs of their own and Towns said he has always been a dog lover. After the accident, he stated, “I’m a dog person. And even though I got bit, I hope they don’t put that dog to sleep.”

Dog bite sidelines ‘Dirty Dozen’ trumpeter Towns, November 24, 2012.

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