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ALF Director Illegally Running Facility While On House Arrest

Tiffany Gordon used to own and run the Intraqual Premier assisted living facility, but then she was convicted of fraud. Gordon defrauded a Miami public hospital when she created several “ghost employees” and secured $83,000 in paychecks. Gordon hired two friends and paid them roughly $40,000 to do nothing. One of the friends was not even in the area during much of her “employment” at Jackson Memorial. Gordon was in charge of authorizing other temporary workers’ time sheets and most were paid for hours they did not work. Most of the money was “kicked back” to Gordon. Gordon was listed as the director, CEO, president and part owner of Intraqual Premier in public records. “Under Florida law, ALFs cannot be owned or operated by someone who has been convicted of certain crimes — such as fraud — or charged with them and awaiting trial.” Despite her fraud, she still runs the Miami Gardens assisted living facility from her home, where she is currently under house arrest.

However, last week, the Miami Herald questioned how someone could “attend to the many needs of frail elders and disabled people” if they were serving a sentence on house arrest. After the inquiry, the state Agency for Health Care Administration filed a complaint against Intraqual Premier and is attempting to revoke the license. Florida requires healthcare facilities and administrators to use the honor code system and report employees accused of crimes, such as fraud. New state laws require the facilities to report when owners or administrators are criminally charged, which renders them “ineligible to work with vulnerable clients, such as frail elders and people with disabilities.” The state laws allow the Agency for Heath Care Administration to revoke, suspend or deny any license to any owner charged with a crime.

Gordon was arrested in September of last year while she was overseeing a private agency that placed temporary workers within Jackson Memorial Hospital. She was running Intraqual simultaneously under a license that “allowed the home to provide a significantly higher level of care than most assisted living facilities–stopping short of the services nursing homes provide.” Gordon is currently awaiting trial and maintains her innocence.

While on house arrest for fraud, woman operates Miami-Dade ALF, November 13, 2012.

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