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Miami Metrorail Worker Killed By Train While Walking On Tracks

George Andrews was killed Monday while working for Miami-Dade Transit. Andrews parked his train on a sidetrack near the Earlington Heights station because his train had been malfunctioning. He was walking back to the station on the tracks and was about thirty yards from the Earlington Heights station when a moving train struck him.

While the case is still under police investigation, a spokesman for the Transport Workers Union Local 291 reported “walking on the track after parking a disabled train is normal procedure for MDT.” Police are still trying to figure out why and how the train hit Andrews as he was walking in the pocket area where he parked his train. Protocol requires that a train operator that parks his train on a side track must inform central control of his position and central control technicians will warn all other trains. “The problem is that the trains are not like cars. The operator of the train that hit him may have seen him on the track and may have applied the brake immediately, but the train does not stop immediately,” stated the spokesman.

Andrews, 47, was a valued member of the MDT family and “this is a tragedy to the transit family and we are in mourning,” one operator stated. Andrews had been a bus operator in 1987 and became a Metrorail operator in 2003.

Transit worker who was killed was walking on Metrorail tracks from disabled train, November 13, 2012.

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