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Another South Florida Woman Arrested For Administering Toxic Injections

In what is becoming an increasing problem in South Florida, a Hialeah woman has been arrested for injecting women with toxic butt enhancements. Known as the “toxic tush” doctor, Samela Hernandez was injecting a “foreign substance” into women in an effort to increase the size and shape of women’s behinds. Most women’s backsides ended up “deformed and sensitive” as a result of the injection.

Hernandez and her husband were arrest for practicing healthcare without a license and for possession of blank prescription forms. Detectives raided the couple’s Hialeah home and found numerous syringes and bottles of Lidocaine, client lists, procedure lists, and “a slew of medical equipment.” At the time of the raid, two victims were in the house. One of the victims, who had been undergoing procedures for months, believed Hernandez was a nurse. The victim told police that after her first injection, she came back to Hernandez so that Hernandez could add “more solution into the void area of her buttocks to ‘fill in’ the gaps between the welts.” Instead, she wound up with a “permanent deformity.”

The substance used has been banned in other countries, including Colombia, because it is believed the cause cancer. Hernandez had the toxin shipped to the United States from Colombia; it was bottled and shipped as “massage wax.”

Police arrest woman in another ‘toxic tush’ case, this time in Hialeah, December 13, 2012

While Hernandez is facing criminal charges, she may also be liable for the personal injury she inflicted on her “patients.” Innocent victims often fall prey to con artists who promise cosmetic fixes that are too good to be true. Often, these inexperienced and unlicensed individuals cause their clients life threatening injuries or even lead to their deaths. If you or a loved on has suffered a personal injury, contact Hialeah wrongful death lawyers at the Friedland | Carmona today. Jonathan Friedland and Michael Carmona have dedicated their careers to helping victims recover compensation for personal injuries. Don’t hesitate! Call (305) 661-2008 today!

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