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Florida’s Turnpike Turns Deadly

Florida’s Turnpike has turned into a deadly stretch of road for passengers. In the past four days, three people have perished in separate accidents. Most recently, forty-five year old Victoria Joseph-Lindo of Port St. Lucie died after she tried to avoid an accident only to be rear-ended by another vehicle. Four days earlier, two longtime friends were killed in the dark of night on the turnpike.

In Lindo’s accident, two drivers of pickup trucks were sent to the hospital after the crash, both with non-life threatening injuries. One of the drivers has since been released. In Lindo’s accident, the driver of the pickup truck hit the concrete median, causing his truck to spin out. Lindo was unable to avoid the crash and the truck hit her head on. After that impact, another pickup truck rear-ended Lindo’s car.

Four days earlier, friends Louis Robert Hausman and Jamie Clifford Auxier were driving down the turnpike when Hausman lost control of his Envoy and the vehicle flipped to its side. Because it was still dark, a police officer driving down the turnpike did not see the vehicle and swerved to avoid it at the last second. The officer clipped the SUV. The officer pulled off the road and put his flashing lights on. Due to the lights, a box truck driver moved into the left lane and into the path of the overturned SUV, crashing into it. Upon impact, the two vehicles went up in flames. The friends died instantly while the box truck driver was taken the hospital with minor injuries.

Police ID turnpike crash victim as 45-year-old woman from Port St. Lucie, December 12, 2012

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