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Bikers Ride to Tallahassee in Effort to Increase Penalties in Motorcycle Accidents

Hundreds of motorcycle riders arrived at the State Capital earlier this week in an effort to demand lawmakers enforce stricter punishment on motorists that injure bikers on the road. The motorcyclists are supporting bills in the Florida House and Senate that would provide for criminal punishment for any motorist who hits and seriously injuries a motorcyclist, bicyclist, or pedestrian.

The bikers engaged in one of the loudest demonstrations in Tallahassee as they road up US-27 and onto the Capital grounds. The rally was organized by Abate Florida, a motorcycle organization. Those present displayed their colors, and held the American flag to raise awareness of their message. A bell was rung numerous times; each time a name from a list of fellow motorcyclists who were killed in the last year was read aloud. One of those present, Josh Bear, was clearly upset. His brother, Jacob, died in an accident just six months ago.

Motorcyclists have been pushing for tougher punishment for motorists who strike and injure fellow bikers for several years. The response from lawmakers has been, “accidents happen.” Demonstrators say that policymakers have the power and the opportunity to make the roads safer for vulnerable groups of travelers, like motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Bikers push for tougher penalties on motorcycle accidents April 14, 2014

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