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FedEx Truck and Bus Carrying Teenage Students Collide, Ten Dead

More than forty high school students were confronted with a tragic situation Thursday evening as a FedEx tractor-trailer drove across a grassy highway median and slammed into a bus carrying the students. The students were on their way to visit Humboldt State University in Northern California. The crash occurred just after 5:30 p.m. on Thursday near Orland, California, a small city approximately one-hundred miles north of Sacramento. The impact caused a massive fire that left ten people dead and numerous others injured. One passenger kicked out a bus window and many of those aboard the bus squeezed through and ran to the other side of Interstate 5 just before the bus exploded in flames.

Both the bus driver and the FedEx truck driver were killed. Three adult chaperones and five teenage students were also among the dead, according to the California Highway Patrol. Massive flames engulfed both vehicles immediately after the crash, and clouds of smoke filled the sky until firefighters were able to extinguish the fire. Most of the individuals who died were found on the ground in front of the bus or in the front part of the bus. Glenn County Sheriff Larry Jones said that identifying the victims of the crash might require the use of dental records or DNA. One person was even seen running from the bus on fire. That person was pronounced dead after being transported to a hospital.

Investigators are looking into what caused the FedEx truck to travel across the median and strike the bus. Some of the explanations for the crash could be that the FedEx truck driver fell asleep; the truck experienced mechanical failure; or the truck driver lost control because of a separate collision that occurred on the driver’s side of the highway. Authorities will also look closely at roadway and weather conditions. The investigation could take anywhere between three and six months.

College visit turns tragic for California students April 11, 2014

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