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NHTSA Announces New Rule Requiring Rearview Cameras in New Vehicles

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a final rule on Monday that requires all new cars and many light trucks to come equipped with rearview technology. The rule is an effort to minimize the number of deaths and serious injuries that occur as a result backup accidents. According to some, the rule comes years late.

The final rule will require all vehicles that are less than 10,000 pounds and are built beginning on May 1, 2018, to meet the new rear-visibility standards. The rule encompasses buses and trucks; trailers and motorcycles are exempt from the rule. The rearview cameras can be placed on many different parts of the rear of the vehicle. The cameras must provide drivers a field of vision measuring at least 10 by 20 feet immediately behind the vehicle. The rearview system must meet other requirements as well, including display time, lighting conditions, and dashboard image size.

An average of 210 deaths and 15,000 injuries are caused each year due to backup accidents involving light vehicles. The government said the victims of these accidents are often young children and the elderly. Children under 5 years of age make up 31% of the deaths each year and adults 70 years of age and older make up about 26% of the deaths each year. NHTSA reports that the new rule will save between 13 and 15 lives each year and will prevent up to 1,125 injuries each year.

NHTSA to require rearview cameras in new vehicles March 31, 2014

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