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Crane Collapse Injures 7 at NYC Construction Site

Seven people were injured after a crane collapsed at a construction side near the East River in New York City last Wednesday. Of the seven injured, three victims needed to be extracted from beneath the fallen machinery. They suffered a range of injuries, including several broken bones, but none suffered from life-threatening injuries.

With popping cables and snapping metal, the crane toppled over around 2:30 in the afternoon. One witness stated, “Once that snap came, that was it. I just heard guys yelling, “Run, run!” Another witness noted, “I saw the cable whipping toward the deck…You could just hear it buckling.” The impact shook the scaffold where the witness was standing, while the crane cut down the framework of the building.

Engineers are investigating the cause of the crash, which happened at the construction site for a new twenty-five story apartment building. The building, being by residential and commercial real estate developer and property management company, TF Cornerstone, is in shambles. The crane was leased by subcontractor New York Crane and Equipment Corporation.

Cranes have been a concern for many New York City construction sites even since two giant rights collapsed months apart in Manhattan in 2008 and killed nine people. New York Crane owned one of the cranes involved in the 2008 accidents as well. The accidents led to new safety measures, including the hiring of more inspectors and the expansion of training requirements and inspection checklists.

NYC crane collapses at construction site; 7 hurt, January 09, 2013.

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