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Widow of Parking Garage Collapse Victim Files Lawsuit

Last October, a parking structure collapsed on the Miami Dade College’s Doral campus, killing four workers. One worker, Samuel Perez, was trapped underneath the rubble in the garage for almost seventeen hours before rescuers were able to get to him. A rescue team was forced to amputate his leg in order to get him out of the rubble. Perez died three hours later at a Miami hospital.

His widow, Migdalia Lopez, filed a wrongful death suit against five major construction companies in charge of the project. The suit alleges that the companies’ negligence led to Perez’s death, accuses the companies of rushing the project and asserts that the contractors did not comply with minimum safety requirements. The companies in the suit include general contractor Ajax Building Corporation, Inc., management company M.A.R. Contracting, Inc., engineering and inspection company MEP Structural Engineering and Inspections, engineering company Bliss & Nyitray, Inc. and architecture firm Haryard Jolly, Inc. The United States Occupations Safety and Health Administration is currently investigating the cause of the collapse.

The collapse also killed Carlos Hurtado de Mendoza, Jose Calderon, and Robert Budhoo, whose family has also filed suit. Two days prior to the crash, a crane had crashed against one of the columns of the structure; after an investigation, construction work commenced. According to Lopez’s lawsuit, the work should not have continued. Her attorney states, “When we are talking about this type of tonnage and this type of error, which was reckless, there is going to be a loss of lives and serious injuries.” Perez was located inside a cement truck when the crash occurred. Prior to his death, Perez worked in construction for twenty years and was the family’s primary breadwinner.

Family of worker killed in MDC garage collapse has filed suit against contractors, December 03, 2012.

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