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Deerfield Beach Burn Victim Confronts Attacker In Court

Michael Brewer was minding his own business on the afternoon of October 12, 2009 when Matthew Bent and two other fifteen year olds confronted him. One of the teens threw rubbing alcohol all over Brewer and then another struck a lighter and lit Brewer on fire. More than 65 percent of Brewer’s body was covered with second and third degree burns. “I felt like I was going to die,” stated Brewer. Brewer’s injuries require extensive physical therapy, according to his mother.

Brewer now has his chance to fight back against his attackers. It has been two and half years since he was set ablaze, but earlier this week, Brewer took the stand in the criminal trial against Matthew Bent, the ringleader of the attack, and confronted him. Bent is facing up to 30 years in prison if convicted of attempted second-degree murder. Brewer testified that the confrontation escalated after Brewer refused to buy drug paraphernalia from Bent, enraging Bent. Additionally, the attack came one day after Brewer’s parents told police that Bent had attempted to steal a bicycle from their home. Brewer, fearing retaliation, stayed home from Deerfield Beach Middle School that day, but was attacked later that day.

Bent played no physical role in the attack; Denver Jarvis, who is serving eight years for his role in the attack, sprayed Brewer with rubbing alcohol and Jesus Mendez, who is serving eleven years for his participation, flicked the lighter that set Brewer ablaze. Regardless, prosecutors have argued that Bent orchestrated the attack, and Jarvis testified that Bent offered him $5 to $10 to throw the rubbing alcohol on Brewer. The trial is expected to conclude by the end of the month.

Victim in Florida Teen Burning Takes the Stand, June 14, 2012

Michael Brewer was the victim of a horrific crime and personal injury. While two of his attackers will be in prison for roughly the next decade, Brewer’s family is left to deal with rising medical expenses, physical therapy costs, mental anguish and a great deal of pain and suffering. Whether or not the teens were acting negligently or intentionally, they left Michael Brewer with a lifetime of pain and medical expenses. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a personal injury, contact the South Florida personal injury lawyers at the Friedland | Carmona today. Jonathan Friedland and Michael Carmona are expert trial attorneys who have a successful track record of recovering compensation for their clients. Don’t hesitate; call (305) 661-2008 today for your free consultation!

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