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Man Suffers Fall At World Trade Center Reconstruction Site

Earlier this week, a construction worker at the World Trade Center reconstruction project fell off some scaffolding and impaled himself on a piece of medal. The thirty-seven year old male was working on 4 World Trade Center when he suffered a puncture wound to his side after falling about five feet. Some workers stated that pieces of plywood fell on top of him after the fall. One of his co-workers commented on the accident, stating “I just saw him there lying in a pool of blood, he was bleeding from his head.” He remains in critical condition at Bellevue Hospital in New York City.

The building 4 World Trade Center is no stranger to construction accidents. Back in February of this year, steel beams fell forty stories before crashing into the ground. The building is almost 1,000 feet tall and is 72 stories tall. According to a World Trade Center crane operator, rebuilding the World Trade Center buildings is an extremely stressful job and “the dedication it takes to complete is mentally straining,” resulting in numerous injuries.

Construction Worker Impaled At 4 WTC, Says FDNY, June 26, 2012

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