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Family Of Dead and Injured Broward Teens Seeking Millions From Yamaha

Two teens that spent their Easter Sunday collecting eggs on Dr. Eugune’s Holly’s waterfront property are now dead. The teens, who falsely assured Holly they knew how to operate his Yahama Waverunner, collided with a boat less than five minutes after leaving Holly’s property. The teens, 14-year old Jaysell Perez and 15-year old Samantha Archer, were first crushed when they collided with the boat and then “sliced up in the instant following the impact.”

According to their attorney, the girls turned the Waverunner in front of boat because they couldn’t steer the machine. Archer took her hand off of the throttle to slow down for a turn and didn’t realize that once the throttle was released, she wouldn’t be able to steer. Instead of turning, the Waverunner went straight through the water and collided with the boat. According to warnings contained in Yahama’s 1986-2000 owner’s manuals, beginners often release the throttle when headed toward an “obstacle” and the manuals stated, “Don’t forget to accelerate.” However, the warning was removed from the 2001 owner’s manual. The girls were riding a 2001 Waverunner.

Perez died as a result of the accident and Archer sustained severe injures. Archer suffered a traumatic brain injury and also now suffers from a number of physical problems. The parents of the girls filed suits against Yahama claiming that the manufacturer ignored years of warnings about flaws in the steering system. Yahama finally fixed the steering problem in its 2003 Waverunners. Archer’s family is seeking nearly $7 million for her past and future medical expenses, while Perez’s parents are seeking millions for their pain and suffering. Perez and Archer, who are being represented by the same attorney, are also asking the jury to find that Yamaha showed a “reckless indifference to human life,” allowing them to recover several more millions in punitive damages. In his opening statement, Yahama’s attorney stated, “Sadly and regrettably, an underage, unlicensed, untrained and inexperienced young girl was out in an environment, a very congested waterway. That’s why the accident happened.” The trial is expected to continue over the next week.

Millions at stake in Palm Beach trial against Yamaha over teen’s death in 2005, May 7, 2011.

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