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GM Lawsuit to Reopen after Major Recall

Early this month, automotive giant GM failed in their attempt to keep a Georgia court from reopening a products liability case due to their massive recall started last year. In 2010, young Brooke Melton was killed when her vehicle hydroplaned, and many of the safety features of the GM vehicle failed. Melton’s parents settled with GM last fall, but have since decided to reopen the case now that it has come to light the GM had constructive knowledge of the faulty ignition switch. The recall was introduced to solve this fundamental flaw in the switch, which in extreme cases lead the vehicle to shut off without provocation, causing the airbags and other safety features to disengage.

The Georgia court has agreed to rehear the case, now that the evidence of the ignition failures have come to light. The case has again brought to light the scandal of the mass recall, which is said to incorporate millions of vehicles from GM’s fleet the past 10 years. GM has since admitted that it was clear that employees knew about the faulty switches over ten years ago. GM is upset about the decision, feeling that the settlement between GM attorneys and the victim’s family had been reached in good faith, and prevented further action against them for the same negligence. The case is not to be heard until 2016, but could be fast-tracked due to the looming issue of the recall still fresh on the minds of drivers and consumers. More on the recall and the case of Brooke Melton can be found here.

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