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Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements Facing Large Lawsuits

A resident of Oregon, Betty Schwartz, has filed a major personal injury and products liability case against the manufacturer of a metal-on-metal hip joint replacement, claiming multiple sources of damages. The lawsuit alleges that the manufacturer of her hip joint, Biomet, ignored the evidence of the damages caused by their product, labelled the “Magnum,” and continued to market a dangerous product that caused a slough of health related issues, including extreme pain, loss of motion, and even toxic metal build up in the blood. The Food and Drug Administration apparently had been receiving complaints as early as 2006 about metal-on-metal joint products like the “Magnum,” and reported this to the manufacturers.

Products like metal implants can cause more than just the original loss of motion, pain, and the alleged toxic metal build up in the blood. If a product is found to be defective, or endangering the health of the patient, the product has to be removed to prevent further damage. A second hip replacement surgery is more difficult, more painful, and oftentimes not as successful, due to a more complicated entry, less bone to work with, and the possibility of additional scar tissue and damage. Injuries caused by the faulty implant can therefore lead to a multitude of extended damages and injuries, and keep the patient immobile for a long time. You can read more about Betty Schwartz’ case, and determine more about the manufacturers that made and make these faulty joints here.

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