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Police Cite Burnt Armpit Hair as Major Cause of Idaho Crash

Five teenagers were injured this week after a Ford Bronco rolled over in Boise, Idaho, ejecting several of the passengers. When police arrived on the scene and did some investigation, it became clear that some goofing off had been going on in the car. The teenagers reported that the crash occurred when one of the passengers light the armpit hair of the 18 year old driver on fire, causing him to swerve and flip over the vehicle. None of the passengers were wearing seatbelts, and several were cited for various violations, including inattentive driving and interfering with the driver’s safety.

Luckily for the teens, no one was put in any serious danger, as none of the injuries sustained by the five were life-threatening. However, it easily could have been a much worse accident, possibly involving another vehicle, or a higher speed crash. Negligent driving and general goofing off while driving are a major cause of accidents and injuries when teenagers are involved. You can read more about this unique crash, and others in the Miami area and around the country here.

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