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High Speed Chase Leaves 3 Victims Dead

Over the weekend, a robbery chase turned deadly, leaving a man, woman and an infant dead. A Jefferson County deputy was taken to the hospital after he was injured in the crash. The suspects were speeding down Birmingport Road after committing a robbery in Walker County and were being chased by police. The car ran a red light and struck a car carrying the man, woman and infant, killing them instantly. The deputy following the speeding car crashed his car into a ditch and it overturned, leaving him injured.

The robbery suspects fled on foot into nearby woods; police dispatched helicopters to find them. Police believe there are at least two suspects on the loose and police believe the suspects are still hiding in the woods. Inside the suspects’ vehicle, which police believe to be a rental, police uncovered a handgun. The gun was turned over to police evidence technicians. Police are still examining the wreckage of the suspects’ vehicle and trying to locate them.

3 killed when SUV fleeing police crashes into them, October 2, 2012.

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