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Personal Watercraft Crashes Into Boat In Biscayne Bay, 1 Dead

Carlos Alberto Fernandez, a twenty-seven year old South Florida man, drove his personal watercraft (also known as a Jetski) into a twenty-two foot boat that was carrying a family back to port. Fernandez’s friend Jose Luis Moreno, who was riding another personal watercraft, tried to call for help and save Fernandez. Sadly, he was unable to save his friend and Fernandez was pronounced dead shortly after he was pulled out of the water. Fernandez leaves behind a wife and child. The family members were left in shock but none were injured.

Police are trying to determine why the boat and watercrafts were out in the water late at night. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesperson Jorge Pino stated “It’s hard enough to spot a vessel with navigational lights and proper safety equipment. Now you have a black personal watercraft at night at a high rate of speed. It’s just a recipe for disaster.” Florida law permits personal watercrafts to operate only during the day. Fernandez crashed into the boat around ten o’clock on Sunday night in Biscayne Bay.

Man dies after personal watercraft hits boat in Biscayne Bay, September 31, 2012.

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