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I-94 Pile-Up in Michigan Leaves One Dead

123 cars are reported to be involved in a major pileup that occurred in Kalamazoo County, Michigan this week. At least one person is dead in this horrendous crash involving a police estimate of at least fifty semi trucks, causing damage in both directions of the freeway. A semi-trailer carrying an unknown amount of fireworks also exploded when the truck caught fire, causing even more damage to vehicles and people alike. It is unknown at this time what caused the accident, or even the extent of the damage. Emergency evacuation for drivers and passengers was required to get the non-injured parties to a nearby school to provide food and assistance while the situation was sorted out. The highway was shut down in both directions for hours while rescue workers worked to help victims, remove cars, and clean up the huge amount of debris left by the accident. Witnesses and victims of the huge pile-up had only confusion and pain to show for the accident, with an investigation into the causes of the accident still pending.

Additional information about the intense pile-up and pictures of the scene can be found here. Updates on the damage are also still pending, as authorities work around the clock to clean up the road and get people information on the causes of the crash.

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