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Police Involved Motorcycle Accident Leaves a Man in Critical Condtition

A Utah motorcycle police officer is in serious condition this week after a brutal crash between his motorcycle and a sports car. The Murray, Utah police officer was struck by a car turning on the street where the motorcycle was cruising, causing serious injuries to the officer, while not causing any visible impairment to the driver of the car. The officer is listed as in serious condition, but improving after both he and the driver were taken to a local hospital. Investigation into the causes of the accident were performed, but at this time there has been no determinations as to whether or not either party was at fault, or if charges will be leveled. You can read more about the Utah crash here.

Sadly, incidents like these indicate some of the major issues with motorcycle safety, especially when they share the road with other drivers. The woman driving the car claimed to have not seen the officer, which is a common complaint of drivers when motorcycles are involved in accidents. Cases like this sometimes bring up criminal and civil charges, as many drivers do not take the time to look closely for motorcycles and their vulnerable riders. It is imperative that drivers take their time and look carefully when driving, especially to check for hard to see drivers and riders like in the case above. Driving at full attention can mean the difference between a major collision and injuries, and a safe ride home for all around you.

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