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Injured Couple Attempts To Hold Teen Liable For Sending Message To Driver

texting-while-driving-how-dangerous-is-it-photo-283840-s-429x262.jpg In September 2009, David and Linda Kubert were riding their motorcycle when a teenager, Kyle Best, who was texting while driving, crashed into them. Both David and Linda lost a leg in the accident–David’s leg was torn off above the knee during the crash and Linda eventually had to have her leg amputated. Following the accident, the couple moved from Dover to Florida, where they continue to struggle financially because neither has returned to work. The couple subsequently filed a lawsuit against Best.

The Kuberts recently settled with Best for $500,000, which is the maximum payment that Best’s insurance carrier would cover. While the parties have settled, the Kuberts are still planning to appeal the judge’s ruling that Best’s girlfriend, Shannon Colonna was not liable in the accident. The Kuberts believe she is liable because she sent Best a text message prior to the crash and he was responding to her message when he injured the Kuberts. The Kuberts believe that her text messages play a role in the accident because she “should have known Best was driving and texting her at the same time.” The Kuberts attorney argued that Colonna was “electronically present,” while Colonna’s attorney argued that Colonna had no control of when Best would read and return her message and that she was unaware that Best was driving when she sent the message. This is believed to be the first case of its kind in the United States.

Best has pleaded guilty to numerous charges, including distracted driving, use of a cell phone while driving and “acknowledging a series of text messages he exchanged with Colonna around the time of the accident.” According to phone records, Best responded to a text from Colonna before dialing 911. The court ordered Best to speak to 14 high schools about texting while driving and to pay $775 in fines. Best did not lose his license.

2 hurt by NJ text-messaging driver settle lawsuit, August 21, 2012.

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