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Roof Collapses At Medley Cement Plant, Rescuers Fight To Find Missing Worker

Tropical storm Issac has made the recovery of an injured cement plant worker more difficult. Rescue workers are still attempting to find a worker who fell into a cement silo over a week ago when the roof of the silo gave way. The worker, Pierre Mezidor, was measuring the level of dry cement powder atop the roof of the silo when the roof simply collapsed underneath him. Mezidor disappeared into the silo.

For the past ten days, rescue workers have been pulling off the remnants of the roof of the 200 foot tall structure. Workers are only searching for Mezidor’s body. The silo was seventy perfect full with dry cement powder when Mezidor fell; now, because of the rescue efforts, the silo remains open and rain water from the tropical storm has created a compound that hinders rescue workers’ efforts to sift through the concrete and find the body.

The Miami-Dade Fire Rescue squad and the Mine Safety and Health Administration combined forces to remove debris from the silo and surrounding areas in attempt to find Mezidor’s body in the wreckage. Titan America, the owner of the silo and Mezidor’s employer, has hired “outside experts” to continue the search on site. Mezidor worked at the Tarmac Cement plant, which is owned by Titan America for almost twenty years. The Tarmac Cement plant has been home to three separate incidents that resulted in “permanent or partial disability” of injured workers, but Mezidor is the first to have died on the property. Mezidor’s family has filed an action to have engineers inspect the plant in an attempt to figure out how and why the roof collapsed. Mezidor’s family is expected to file a wrongful death suit.

Weather hinders effort to find worker who fell into cement silo, August 27, 2012.

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