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Large Settlement for Wrongful Death Victim’s Family

After nearly a year and a half of litigation, parties to the case of Estate of Nelson v. Graystar Management have settled outside of court for an award of 1.5 million dollar award to the family of a deceased Marine.  The victim, David Nelson, had survived two tours of combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan, only to die just feet outside of his apartment while collecting the mail.  Nelson was shot by one of his neighbors, Jaime Vogel, who later committed suicide in prison, leaving investigators baffled as to his motives for the crime.

The shooter, Vogel, was not listed at the apartment, and it was instead listed in his son’s name.  He was not listed on the lease in an attempt to hide a previous incident of violence against a neighbor and other criminal activity which got him evicted from another Greystar Management property.  The lawsuit filed in 2013 sought extensive damages for the fallen marine’s wrongful death, from both the management company and the property itself.  Nelson’s wife, Maria, fought hard for compensation from the management company, which failed to provide notice to the other tenants of the building that there had been previous incidents of violence on the property, and failed to adequately check the background of the various tenants.  Attorneys for the Plaintiffs claimed that the management company was in the best position to do the checks on the people that they brought in to live in the complex, and were therefore in the best position to protect their residents and the public in general from offenders like Vogel, who had a history of violence and complaints against his neighbors.

After a long pre-trial sequence, parties agreed to a 1.5 million dollar settlement, over the claims of the management company that they had no knowledge of a violent offender living in the apartment, making the shooting unforeseeable by the defendant.  You can read more about the case here.

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