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Miami Resident Killed in Head-on 7 Mile Bridge Collision

A Miami resident and his dog are dead after a brutal crash on the 7-mile bridge that extends to the Keys from the mainland of Florida.  The US 1 bridge was closed for hours while emergency crews scrambled to remove the damage and identify the causes of the crash.   For several days the identities of the victims were withheld while next of kin was notified.  According to witnesses, a black Nissan, driven by Miami resident Wedner Saint Louis and occupied by a passenger, Chetna Saini, was passing vehicles on the left, when it struck a white Ford Mustang travelling northbound with a driver and passenger as well.

The driver and passenger of the Mustang, Christal and George Fraundorfer, are in stable condition at the Community Hospital in Marathon.  The cars were both taken from the scene in extremely bad condition, as can be expected from a high speed, head-on crash.  This incident marks the 3rd fatal car accident in the Keys this year, and has put the area on a fast track to be one of the most deadly on the road in a while according to Florida Highway Patrol.  Just last month, two fatal accidents were reported, one with an SUV flipping over into a utility pole, and another with a young man being hit by a car.  The driver of the fatal accident for the young Big Pine man in January has yet to be identified.  You can read more about the accident here.

U.S. 1 has claimed the lives of many travelers and residents alike.  The dangerous two lane highway that leads to the Florida Keys has a fairly high speed limit, yet drivers in South Florida tend to drive dangerously, and with great speed, causing a multitude of crashes and small fender benders in the island region.  Florida Highway Patrol warns everyone driving towards and away from the Keys to drive with caution, as tourist season, and especially spring break drivers, start coming towards Florida for their getaways.  The roads are only to get more and more dangerous as impatient vacation drivers start to pour into Florida.  You can read more about driver safety in Florida on the Florida Highway Patrol website, and the various websites for the cities and municipalities in the Florida Keys.

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