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Neighborhood Grieves and Calls for Action After Six-Year-Old Girl Killed in Car Crash

A Miami-Dade mailbox is now decorated with stuffed animals, colorful balloons, and candles after a six-year-old girl lost her life near that spot Wednesday morning. Betasha Bien-Aime and her grandmother were attempting to cross Northeast 213th Place to get to Madie Ives Elementary School when they were struck by a white Mercedes driven by a sixteen-year-old. Betasha, who was in the first grade at Madie Ives, was killed in the crash. Her grandmother remained in the hospital as of Thursday as she recovered from a broken arm and leg.

Yesterday, Betasha’s blood-stained yellow barrette was added to the memorial surrounding the mailbox. Betasha’s mother, Marie Bien-Aime, stated that it has been very hard for her to deal with the loss of her daughter. She said, “It’s tough when you lose a child. I couldn’t sleep at all last night.” As Betasha’s family, friends, and neighborhood grieve their loss, they hope that Betasha’s death serves as a wakeup-call to drivers who speed through residential neighborhoods. They also hope to see action from Miami-Dade County in addressing what they say has been a longtime problem in their neighborhood. Daniel Harvey, a man who came to the memorial Thursday, said, “Cars speed by here everyday. We knew something like this would eventually happen.”

Police have not yet filed any charges against the sixteen-year-old driver who attends a nearby high school. They are still determining whether speed or any distractions played a role in the crash. Neighbors, however, are convinced that speed was a factor. The accident occurred around 7:17 a.m. and the teenage driver was heading north as Betasha and her grandmother crossed 213th Place from west to east. That is when the driver struck both Betasha and her grandmother, knocked down an “End of School Zone” sign, and struck the rear of a parked van.

Neighborhood mourns first grader killed in car crash, November 07, 2013

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