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Oregon Teen Charged with Reckless Driving After Tunnel Crash

Manning, Oregon: Daniel Calhoun of Snohomish, Washington is being accused of reckless driving, reckless endangerment, and fourth degree assault after a crash on Sunday the 25th. Calhoun according to police, fainted after holding this breath while going through the 750 foot long tunnel. His car drifted across the center line, and struck an oncoming vehicle, injuring the driver and passenger and driver of the 2013 Explorer coming in the other direction. Shortly afterwards, a GMC pickup struck Calhoun’s vehicle, injuring Calhoun and his passenger. Police reported that people have been known to hold their breath while going through tunnels due to superstition that it is bad luck to not do so, and has become something of a game for young people. This 3 car crash has become a glaring reminder of just how dangerous games that distract or impair the driver can be.

While it is unclear how many people of the injured were in serious condition, at least one of the victims of the accident was reported in serious condition earlier this week. Police have already made multiple statements about the charges that will be brought against Calhoun, without addressing some of the tort liability that he might incur for the damages to the other drivers and vehicles. Further investigation is pending, but it seems that the majority of the damage has been explained by Calhoun’s fainting. Oregon State Police’s Twitter this week had the ominous warning “Don’t play games on our roads,” a strong reminder to keep your eyes on the road and maintain focus when driving.

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Image Credit: Oregon State Police

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