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Cruise Ship Stomach Bug Forces Several Passengers to File Suit

Passengers aboard a P&O Cruises luxury liner are suing the cruise ship company after passengers reported contracting a stomach bug that made many of the passengers missing large chunks of the expensive trip. Lawyers that were consulted on the case have looked into past experiences aboard the same cruise liner, and have found that the company has had 4 years worth of sickness outbreaks being reported. The company has clearly paid out large sums in the past over similar incidents, making current lawyers wary of the possibility of a recurring negligence issue that the luxury line operator, P & O Cruises, is just not addressing at all.

Lawyers for the Plaintiffs believe that due to the frequency of the illness aboard the same liner, there is a good chance that the cruise company will again find themselves liable for missing time, refunding of tickets, and various charges of pain and suffering. While the victims are not looking to get more than just a refund and minor damages, they are really worried that the company has been negligent, and that more people will have to go through the same experience. A couple that were on the ship said that it ruined a truly special holiday and anniversary for them, and they don’t want to see that happen to any more couples or groups looking to have a great vacation.

Cruise ship personal injury and negligence cases are common in high tourist areas like Florida, and make up a large percentage of the federal tort cases that are seen in Florida courts. By establishing negligence in a case like the one described above, cruise ship companies often have to pay out large settlements to both refund their large purchase prices for tickets, as well as compensate Plaintiffs for the pain and suffering caused by that negligence. The attorneys at Friedland | Carmona have experience in the field of federal torts, including several cruise ship injury cases. If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of a cruise line company, do not hesitate! Call today!

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