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Father Sues Apartment Complex After Child’s Fall

A Texas father is suing his apartment complex management company after his son fell onto an exposed jagged metal pipe, citing premises negligence. The father claims that the apartment company was at fault in leaving the jagged pipe exposed in an area that was frequented by many of the residents of the complex walked and frequented, just as the child did. The young boy suffered severe cuts and lacerations, and will likely need extensive future treatment to manage pain, and likely will have permanent physical deformations due to the accident.

Premises liability and landlord tenant law are some of the largest fields in the personal injury law field. Companies in charge of running complexes like the one in Groves, Texas, are liable for upkeep and maintenance of the public areas in the complex. When a premises is not maintained properly, and the company is aware of dangerous and defective conditions, the owner or operator could be found liable for damages that these conditions make for the residents or guests of the complex.

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