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Several Dead After Tragic Boating Accident Off Dinner Key Marina

After the fireworks show of July 4th, a mad dash back to the boating slips of Dinner Key Marina turned deadly for 4 boaters. While travelling at high speeds with limited lighting, a 32-foot vessel driven by a young man slammed into another boat at high speed, causing the operator of the first vessel to be thrown overboard, and a young man on the second vessel to be killed instantly. The passengers of the first boat were also severely injured, with all but one losing their lives as well.

After being thrown overboard, the vessel was left without an operator, and spun out of control, hitting another boat carrying 9 passengers. Luckily, only 1 of the passengers of the third vessel sustained minor injuries. Shortly after, a member of a commercial salvage crew was able to get aboard the first vessel under control, but not before the death toll was already too high.

Investigators are still unsure as to the fault aspect of the case, but Florida Fish and Game did speak out, mentioning that people need to be more careful when the waters are busy. Responding officials say that the second that the fireworks stop, all the boats are trying to get back to the Marina first, to get their boat out as quickly as possible. That many boats in the dark moving very quickly is a recipe for disaster. Continue reading the story here.

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