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Over One Million Pool Drains Recalled For Drowning Risk

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has made a major recall that can affect thousands of people in the South Florida community. The Commission has recalled over one million pool and hot tub covers. The covers, which sit at the bottoms of pools and hot tubs, have been recalled amid concerns that the drains had not been properly tested.

Because the drains were not properly tested, they pose both a drowning and entrapment risk to swimmers. Drains are expected to have a grate across the top, but in an effort to prevent entrapment, may grates are raised a little bit. The purpose of the raised gate is to draw water from all sides and the top of the pool or hot tub, which makes it more difficult for the body to cover the entire drain, thus making it more difficult for a swimmer to become stuck. It is unknown whether the recalled drains have the raised grates. Additionally, a number of recalled drains contained improper safety ratings.

Pool drains have over 500 pounds of vacuum force that can hold swimmers underwater until they drown. These drains are especially dangerous to children. The models that have been recalled by the Commission include A&A Aquastar, Color Match, Custom Model Products, Rising dragon, and Waterway. The Commission recommends homeowners and pool operators contact the maker of the drain cover to see if any further action is needed.

Risk of drowning prompts massive drain cover recall, May 28, 2011

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