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Jury Award Plantation Womans $4.7 Million For Surgical Injury

Susan Kalitan went to Broward General Medicine surgery to repair carpal tunnel damage in her wrist, damage related to her work as a dental assistant. The surgery was supposed to be minor. But, during the wrist surgery, the anesthesiology team actually damaged her throat.

The anesthesiology team, led by Dr. Rob Alexander, injured Kalitan when they inserted a breathing tube down her throat. Kalitan’s esophagus was perforated during the procedure. Kalitan sued both Alexander and his employer, Anesco North Broward for damages. The doctor asserted that the one-sixteenth of an inch wide perforation was a known surgical risk and should not have constituted medical malpractice.

Regardless, the jury awarded Kalitan $4.7 million. The jury determined that the doctor and his two assistants were primarily at fault, but that the hospital was also 35 percent at fault. There has been no word as to whether Kalitan has been able to return to work.

Plantation woman awarded $4.7 million for surgery injury, June 17, 2011.

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