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Fort Lauderdale Family Files Wrongful Death Suit Against Toyota

The family of a Fort Lauderdale woman who died of carbon monoxide poisoning has filed a wrongful death suit against Toyota. Twenty-nine-year old Chasity Glisson was found dead and her boyfriend Timothy Maddock was found nearly dead in Glisson’s Boca Raton home with her keyless Lexus still running in the garage.

Keyless ignitions, which allow drivers to start their cars by simply pushing a button, have been blamed for several deaths nationwide. Toyota has other wrongful death claims filed against them for deaths similar to Glisson’s. A similar suit was filed in November 2010 after a seventy-nine-year old lawyer was found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning in his Queens home, with his Lexus still running in the garage. Glisson’s family has also sued the townhouse community over its ventilation system. In regards to the accident, the family attorney stated, “We believe there should be some type of safety features that prevent something like this from happening. There may be personal responsibility here for people, but that responsibility shouldn’t result in someone’s death.”

Toyota sued over carbon monoxide death, June 15, 2011

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