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UCF Football Player’s Family Wins $10 Million In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Three years ago, Ereck Plancher died during a workout supervised by his University of Central Florida football coach, George O’Leary. Plancher’s family soon filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Earlier this week, a jury awarded Plancher’s family $10 million, which the Plancher family’s lawyer claimed brought “justice for the family.” Plancher’s mother and father will each receive $5 million.

The jury did not award punitive damages, which according to legal analysts, means, “the jury didn’t believe the UCF football program committed egregious or outrageous negligence.” According to Judge Robert M. Evans, in order for punitive damages to be awarded, Plancher’s attorneys would have had to prove that O’Leary ordered water and trainers out of the field house during the workout.
Through a spokesman, UCF stated that the university’s athletics association intends to appeal the verdict. UCF contends that the jury’s decision not to award punitive damages “reaffirms the university’s position of support for the athletic association’s leadership as UCF believes it makes the right decisions.”

UCF Football Guilty in Ereck Plancher Wrongful Death Trial, July 1, 2011.

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