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Texas Jury Awards $32 Million to Family in Case Against Domino’s

A jury awarded $32 million this week to the family of a Southeast Texas couple involved in a fatal crash caused by a pizza delivery driver in August 2012. The jury determined that the pizza chain was partially responsible for the accident by not enforcing a policy that delivery drivers’ vehicles be inspected. The fatal crash occurred in Beaumont, Texas, which is about ninety miles northeast of Houston. The driver lost control of his car while out delivering a pizza and hit a vehicle carrying Ruth Christopher and her husband Devavaram Christopher.

Sixty-five-year-old Ruth Christopher was pronounced dead the following day, while her now seventy-year-old husband survived, but suffered traumatic brain injury, leaving him unable to communicate. Investigators determined that the accident was caused by defective, worn tires on the delivery driver’s vehicle. One of the tires had no tread. Joshua Balka, the driver of that car, was also cited for speeding. In its verdict released on Tuesday, the jury determined that Domino’s was sixty percent responsible for the accident because it failed to enforce its vehicle inspection policy with its franchisees.

Chip Ferguson, an attorney for the couple’s family, stated that he also learned that “Domino’s enforces a tragically unsafe delivery method by providing bonuses and other incentives for fast delivery.” The Vice President of Communications for Domino’s, Tim McIntyre, offered the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based company’s condolences to the couple’s family. In an email, however, McIntyre said the company did not understand how it could be held “responsible for whether an independent franchise employee is driving on bald tires.” McIntyre stated that the company is saddened by the tragic accident, but it plans to appeal this decision.

Texas family awarded $32M in suit against Domino’s, August 29, 2013

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