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Charlie Crist: Protecting Public Access to Courts

This November, Florida will again choose its new governor. With the polls indicating an extremely close race, it is more important than ever for all Florida Citizens to get out and vote for their candidate, and to be informed of what each candidate will be best for the interests of the Sunshine State. Charlie Crist’s record for protecting the rights of individual citizens to get access to courts and impartial judges is unmatched by opponent Rick Scott, and Crist will continue his campaign for equal protection if he is elected governor again.

There are a multitude of reasons why Florida voters should support the campaign of Charlie Crist, but there are several that are extremely important to the field of law and equal justice. Florida is an extremely diverse state, yet has a very low percentage of minority justices and circuit court judges. Charlie Crist has repeatedly appointed minority representing judges, including the second ever African American Supreme Court justice. This is in stark contrast to incumbent Rick Scott, who has consistently appointed only judges with his political beliefs, defeating the purpose of objective judgment in the courts in Florida. Most of his appointed judges have also made it harder and harder for Plaintiffs to make claims in Florida Courts, creating difficulty for injured parties to seek the insurance benefits and compensation they deserve from all sorts of civil and criminal actions.

Possibly most importantly to the protection of legal rights in Florida is equal protection for all Floridians, including access to health care, access to courts, and social issues like women’s rights and education reform. Charlie Crist has an impressive track record for supporting the rights of minorities, women, and all Floridians in his tenure as a senator, governor, attorney general, and education commissioner. Crist has also supported much needed insurance reform in the state of Florida, to continue to best protect consumers from the ever changing property and health insurance front in the United States. Governor Rick Scott on the other hand, has been a stagnant opponent to much needed reform for women’s rights, consumer protection, and education, consistently vetoing bills on these important issues.

You can learn more about Charlie Crist and his campaign for equality and fairness for Florida on his campaign website, and read the attached materials to better learn how Mr. Crist will make for a better Florida. Remember to get out and vote, and put your vote behind the man that will protect the rights of all Floridians. Vote Charlie Crist November 4th!

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