Task Force Members Push for Constitutional Amendment on Med Mal Caps

April 17, 2014

med mal florida.jpg The members of a 2002 task force appointed by former Governor Jeb Bush are calling for a constitutional amendment in an effort to combat a Florida Supreme Court decision that struck down caps on certain medical malpractice awards. The task force members would like to place the malpractice caps on much more solid footing. The cap on non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, was recommended to the legislature and passed in 2003. The five individuals who served on that task force reached out to Senate President Don Gaetz and House Speaker Will Weatherford on April 9 to speak about the proposed amendment. Voters would have to approve the proposed amendment. However, members of both chambers of the Florida Congress say the request comes too late in this year's legislative session; no action can be taken at this point.

The legislation that was enacted in 2003 placed a $500,000 cap on non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases. The five task force members who signed the letter to the Senate President and House Speaker stated that the Florida Supreme Court decision left them in a "disheartening" position. The letter contained a request for legislators to put a constitutional amendment to the voters that would provide malpractice caps with constitutional authority and erase any questions about caps' constitutionality. Last month, the Florida Supreme Court held that the medical malpractice caps violate the guarantee of equal protection provided in the state's constitution.

Task force members urge malpractice cap amendment www.palmbeachpost.com April 15, 2014

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Bikers Ride to Tallahassee in Effort to Increase Penalties in Motorcycle Accidents

April 16, 2014

motorcycle.jpg Hundreds of motorcycle riders arrived at the State Capital earlier this week in an effort to demand lawmakers enforce stricter punishment on motorists that injure bikers on the road. The motorcyclists are supporting bills in the Florida House and Senate that would provide for criminal punishment for any motorist who hits and seriously injuries a motorcyclist, bicyclist, or pedestrian.

The bikers engaged in one of the loudest demonstrations in Tallahassee as they road up US-27 and onto the Capital grounds. The rally was organized by Abate Florida, a motorcycle organization. Those present displayed their colors, and held the American flag to raise awareness of their message. A bell was rung numerous times; each time a name from a list of fellow motorcyclists who were killed in the last year was read aloud. One of those present, Josh Bear, was clearly upset. His brother, Jacob, died in an accident just six months ago.

Motorcyclists have been pushing for tougher punishment for motorists who strike and injure fellow bikers for several years. The response from lawmakers has been, "accidents happen." Demonstrators say that policymakers have the power and the opportunity to make the roads safer for vulnerable groups of travelers, like motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Bikers push for tougher penalties on motorcycle accidents www.weartv.com April 14, 2014

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FedEx Truck and Bus Carrying Teenage Students Collide, Ten Dead

April 11, 2014

815-1gqmfj.St.55.jpeg More than forty high school students were confronted with a tragic situation Thursday evening as a FedEx tractor-trailer drove across a grassy highway median and slammed into a bus carrying the students. The students were on their way to visit Humboldt State University in Northern California. The crash occurred just after 5:30 p.m. on Thursday near Orland, California, a small city approximately one-hundred miles north of Sacramento. The impact caused a massive fire that left ten people dead and numerous others injured. One passenger kicked out a bus window and many of those aboard the bus squeezed through and ran to the other side of Interstate 5 just before the bus exploded in flames.

Both the bus driver and the FedEx truck driver were killed. Three adult chaperones and five teenage students were also among the dead, according to the California Highway Patrol. Massive flames engulfed both vehicles immediately after the crash, and clouds of smoke filled the sky until firefighters were able to extinguish the fire. Most of the individuals who died were found on the ground in front of the bus or in the front part of the bus. Glenn County Sheriff Larry Jones said that identifying the victims of the crash might require the use of dental records or DNA. One person was even seen running from the bus on fire. That person was pronounced dead after being transported to a hospital.

Investigators are looking into what caused the FedEx truck to travel across the median and strike the bus. Some of the explanations for the crash could be that the FedEx truck driver fell asleep; the truck experienced mechanical failure; or the truck driver lost control because of a separate collision that occurred on the driver's side of the highway. Authorities will also look closely at roadway and weather conditions. The investigation could take anywhere between three and six months.

College visit turns tragic for California students www.miamiherald.com April 11, 2014

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NHTSA Announces New Rule Requiring Rearview Cameras in New Vehicles

April 4, 2014

Cars_New_Models_Rdp__CMG_support_23.jpg The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a final rule on Monday that requires all new cars and many light trucks to come equipped with rearview technology. The rule is an effort to minimize the number of deaths and serious injuries that occur as a result backup accidents. According to some, the rule comes years late.

The final rule will require all vehicles that are less than 10,000 pounds and are built beginning on May 1, 2018, to meet the new rear-visibility standards. The rule encompasses buses and trucks; trailers and motorcycles are exempt from the rule. The rearview cameras can be placed on many different parts of the rear of the vehicle. The cameras must provide drivers a field of vision measuring at least 10 by 20 feet immediately behind the vehicle. The rearview system must meet other requirements as well, including display time, lighting conditions, and dashboard image size.

An average of 210 deaths and 15,000 injuries are caused each year due to backup accidents involving light vehicles. The government said the victims of these accidents are often young children and the elderly. Children under 5 years of age make up 31% of the deaths each year and adults 70 years of age and older make up about 26% of the deaths each year. NHTSA reports that the new rule will save between 13 and 15 lives each year and will prevent up to 1,125 injuries each year.

NHTSA to require rearview cameras in new vehicles www.palmbeachpost.com March 31, 2014

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Chicago Train Operator Fell Asleep, Train Plows onto O'Hare Airport Platform

April 2, 2014

train on platform.png The Chicago commuter train operator who crashed a train at O'Hare International Airport last week acknowledged that she fell asleep immediately before the incident and had also done so last month when she overshot a station platform. Before the crash last Monday, the train operator had been running trains in Chicago for only two months. The operator woke up only as the eight-car train jumped onto the platform and pushed up onto an escalator leading into the airport.

The crash occurred around 3 a.m., as the operator's shift was just about over. The woman had an unusual work schedule and federal investigators were trying to determine if that played a role in her apparent fatigue. More than thirty people were injured in the crash. At a final on-site briefing at the airport National Transportation Safety Board investigator Ted Turpin stated, "She did admit that she dozed off prior to entering the station. She did not awake again until the train hit." While the briefing was occurring, workers with electric saws and face shields were cutting up the lead train car in an effort to remove the wreckage.

Last Tuesday, Turpin and other officials interviewed the train operator and investigated her training, scheduling, and disciplinary history. The operator told investigators she was not on any medications; the results from drug-and-alcohol tests had not yet been received. The operator informed investigators that in February she fell asleep while driving a train and partially missed a station. After the February incident, the operator was admonished, which was all that was required under local agency disciplinary guidelines. Currently, the operator is on "injured on duty" status and faces discipline up to and including discharge.

Train operator in Chicago crash had fallen asleep www.palmbeachpost.com March 26, 2014

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GM Issues Another Recall to Address Concerns about Safety

March 19, 2014

81ffbb3a42004806acdef6b5812afb3b-845fdc02219b4e408b9a16ba7afaaf48-0.jpg General Motors recalled 1.5 million vehicles this week as part of an effort to assure consumers that the company is moving more quickly to correct safety defects in its vehicles. CEO Mary Barra said in a video message to employees posted on Monday that the new recall occurred because there was a push to review potential safety problems and fix them faster. The fallout from the recall last month of more than 1.6 million small automobiles for faulty engine switches undoubtedly played a role in this most recent recall. The defective engine switches have been tied to twelve deaths, and GM is facing numerous investigations into its handling of the recall.

GM first began its investigations into the engine switches in 2004. Barra reported that "something went wrong with our process in this instance, and terrible things happened." GM is undergoing an "intense review" of its recall process, and that system will be altered. During the course of the investigations, GM intends to fully cooperate with government investigators. The company expects to spend around $300 million in the first quarter to fix the vehicles affected by the new recalls as well as the vehicles covered by the small car recall. Editorial director for Kelley Blue Book, Jack Nerad, stated it is better for GM to address the new calls now rather than waiting until the investigations into the engine switches are completed.

The recalls announced Monday include 1.18 million SUVs due to air bag and seat belt pretensioner defects, 303,000 Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana vans due to an instrument panel issue, and 63,900 Cadillac XTS sedans due to a defect in a plug in the brake assembly. Numerous complaints have been made to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concerning the vehicles subject to the recall, including injuries sustained when air bags did not deploy after a 2012 Buick Enclave traveling 45 mph was hit in the side. Drivers who file complaints with the NHTSA do not necessarily report the incidents to the car companies. Important to note in regard to the complaints and the overall recall is that air bags may not deploy in low-speed crashes or if they detect a small person seated too close to the air bag.

Another GM recall: 1.18M SUVs for air bag issue www.palmbeachpost.com March 17, 2014

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Three Fatalities, Numerous Injuries in South by Southwest Crash

March 18, 2014

Bim-K6ACUAA9Ccw.jpg_large.jpeg Police reported yesterday that a third person died after being hit by a suspected drunken driver last week in Austin during the South by Southwest festival. Austin police spokeswoman Veneza Bremner stated that twenty-six-year-old Sandy Thuy Le died from injuries she sustained when she was struck early last Thursday outside The Mohawk music club. Rashad Owens, the driver of the vehicle, was fleeing police when he drove through a barricade and accelerated his car into a crowd of people in Austin's Red River Entertainment District. Two people were pronounced dead at the scene and twenty-one others were injured.

Le remained in critical condition in the hospital ever since she was hit. Dr. Christopher Ziebell, the emergency department director at the University Medical Center-Brackenridge, stated that the two most critically injured patients sustained life-threatening head injuries. Le's brother-in-law, Stuart Gates, said that Le was surrounded by family and friends when she passed away Monday. Gates said that Le's family was offering prayers and words of support to the family of DeAndre Tatum, the other critically injured victim.

The individuals pronounced dead at the scene were thirty-five-year-old Steven Craenmehr, who was on a bicycle, and twenty-seven-year-old Jamie West, who was riding on a moped. Spokeswoman Kendra Clawson said five of the injured remained hospitalized on Monday at the University Medical Center. Among those who remained in the hospital were one person in critical condition and two people in serious condition.

3rd person dies from South By Southwest crash www.palmbeachpost.com March 17, 2014

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UPS Pilots Reported Fatigue Before Fatal Flight

March 8, 2014

abfe49182ef752074c0f6a7067007317_original.jpg Two pilots of a UPS cargo jet that crashed last August complained about the company's exhausting work schedules just before they took off on their last flight. The pilots made errors shortly before the plane flew into a hillside and became engulfed in flames. Both pilots were killed in the pre-dawn crash that occurred near Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport in Birmingham, Alabama. The morning they attempted to land, the main runway was closed for maintenance. Captain Cerea Beal Jr. was trying to land on a much shorter runway that did not have a full instrument landing system, which helps keep planes from coming in too low or too high.

According to information presented to the National Transportation Safety Board, UPS pilots land at airports without the assistance of a full instrument landing system only once or twice a year. In addition to the lack of a full instrument landing system, the pilots also failed to properly program the plane's computer system for this type of landing. Without completing the last step in programming the system, the computer could not provide critical navigation help. The pilots became aware that the computer could not help them, but they did not abort the landing and attempt it again, which would have been the expected and preferred action. Beal also set the descent rate of that runway too high. Within moments, the plane struck the tops of trees and an alert went off that it was about the crash into the ground.

Not long after the flight left Louisville, Beal complained to First Officer Shanda Fanning that cargo pilots do not get as much time to rest between work shifts as pilots of passenger airlines. Fanning agreed and Beal stated that regulations governing pilot hours should be uniform. According to a summary of interviews gathered by investigators, "About 7 weeks before the accident, he told a colleague that the schedules were becoming more demanding because they were flying up to three legs per night." The NTSB has long expressed concern about operator fatigue--an issue which shows up continuously across all forms of transportation. The FAA issued new rules a couple years ago that addressed the need for pilot rest, but cargo airlines were exempted from the rules.

Pilots reported fatigue, erred in UPS jet crash www.palmbeachpost.com February 20, 2014

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Intense, Quick-Moving Snowstorm in Colorado causes Massive Pileup

March 7, 2014

denvercrash.jpg Heavy snow led to a massive pileup outside of Denver last weekend that claimed the life of one and injured thirty others. Authorities stated that over 100 vehicles were involved in the string of crashes that ran for about a two-mile stretch of Interstate 25. An intense burst of snow hit the area just before the crashes began. The northbound lanes of the highway were shut down for several hours. The injured were transported to local hospitals.

The Denver Post reported that drivers and passengers who were not injured were taken to a city bus to speak with accident investigators. Some of the destroyed vehicles were towed to a nearby high school. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, during and after the crashes, approximately 100 snowplows and four large tankers were driving around the city clearing roads with deicing fluid. Meteorologists stated that the snow storm was part of the same system that soaked California and it continued to move east last weekend. National Weather Service meteorologist Jim Kalina stated that Denver was on the "front leading edge" of the storm and that, combined with a cold front that had moved into the area the night before, created whiteout conditions and slippery roadways.

1 killed, 30 injured in massive Colorado pileup www.miamiherald.com March 01, 2014

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Government Employees Among the Dead and Injured in Hawaii Plane Crash

February 27, 2014

lanai28n-1-web.jpg A small plane fell to the ground and exploded in flames shortly after takeoff on Wednesday from Hawaii's Lanai Island. The crash killed three people and left three others injured. A Maui County spokesman reported that the incident occurred at approximately 9:30 p.m. Wednesday evening about one mile from Lanai Airport. According to FAA spokesman Ian Gregor, the twin-engine Piper PA31 burned upon impact with the ground. Authorities believe that everyone aboard the aircraft at the time of the crash has been accounted for.

The names of the individuals who died in the crash have not been released, but Maui County did state that the pilot and two Department of Planning employees were deceased. A nursing supervisor at Queen's Medical Center and the county reported that two other Department of Planning workers are in critical condition and the deputy attorney for Corporate Counsel is in serious condition. All three survivors were transported by helicopters to the Honolulu hospital. Their names have not yet been released. This group of six individuals was staffing a meeting in Lanai earlier Wednesday evening and they chartered a Maui Air return flight. All three survivors sustained burn injuries. Fire crews located the airplane in a field of grass about a mile southwest of the airport.

The trip from Lanai was a routine one for the governmental officials aboard the plane that crashed. According to a state senator, these individuals flew this route at least twice a month. The National Transportation Safety Board will be conducting an investigation into the cause of the crash, with assistance from the FAA.

3 dead, 3 injured in Hawaii plane crash www.miamiherald.com February 27, 2014

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Icy Roadways, Speed, and Sun Glare Contribute to Pennsylvania Turnpike Pileup

February 21, 2014

d6ad5a32d9ec484a806d70a38fbcee05-e4e0cbc4bffa462690c8c806c7a197ee-5.jpg One side of the ice-coated Pennsylvania Turnpike outside Philadelphia was completely blocked last week due to two major pileups and a number of smaller fender-benders that involved both tractor-trailers and other cars. At least thirty people were injured and traffic was backed up for hours. It was just after 8:30 a.m. last Friday when the eastbound crashes were reported to authorities. The crashes occurred in the middle of rush hour traffic and not long after a storm that brought about a foot of snow to the area. Speed restrictions were imposed during the snow storm, but those restrictions were lifted at 6:00 a.m. The roads were still very slick when rush-hour drivers traveled on Friday, leading people to question whether the roads were adequately treated during the night. State police also believe sun glare may have played a role in the crashes.

The string of crashes created a five-mile traffic jam between the Bensalem and Willow Grove exits of the turnpike. It took authorities until the middle of the afternoon to clear up the road and officials did not reopen the turnpike in both directions until close to 4:00 p.m. One motorist who was stuck in the traffic jam said he saw about thirty damaged vehicles around him. He stated cars were turned around, facing the opposite direction of travel, gas tanks were cracked open, and the road was covered in glass and plastic. Ambulances transported thirty people from the scene of the crashes, but it was believed that no one sustained major injuries. Many of the injured were seen at two local hospitals.

State police continued to investigate the cause of the crashes; a spokesman stated some of the likely contributors were icy conditions, excessive speed, and sun glare. Trooper Adam Reed said, "The road looked wet, when it reality it was patches of ice." Turnpike spokesman Bill Capone said that speed restrictions were lifted at 6:00 a.m. because road crews reported that road conditions had improved enough to return to normal speeds. Part of the state police investigation will be to determine whether the road conditions changed after the decision to return to normal, posted speed limits was made. Motorists described the turnpike as icy and slippery. One of the drivers of a vehicle that was struck stated the turnpike had "pieces of ice that were never removed or salted." That driver also stated he was driving at about 40-45 mph, but other drivers were flying by him at 65-70 mph. Another driver said he was surprised by the road conditions because "normally the turnpike is one of the first roads that's cleared, but today I was driving on solid ice."

Trucks, dozens of cars crash on Pa. turnpike www.palmbeachpost.com February 14, 2014

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GM Issues Major Recall due to Ignition Switch Problem

February 14, 2014

download.jpg A faulty ignition switch has led General Motors to recall nearly 780,000 older-model compact cars in North America. The switch can shut off the engine without warning and cause dangerous accidents. According to GM, six people have died in twenty-two crashes tied to the ignition switch problem in Chevrolet Cobalts from the 2005-2007 model years and Pontiac G5s from the 2007 model year. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released statements and documents yesterday that revealed that a heavy key ring or jarring from rough roads can push the ignition switch out of the run position and cut off the engine and electrical power. If that occurs, the front air bags may not deploy if there is a crash.

The six fatalities reported as a result of the ignition switch defect occurred in five front-end collisions, all of which took place off-road and at high speeds. In each instance, the engine and electrical power stopped turned off when the ignition switch moved out of the run position. Spokesman Alan Adler stated that when the engine and electrical power stop while someone is driving, power-steering assist and power-assisted brakes also stop working. Alcohol was involved in three of the deaths, and in some of the crashes the occupants of the cars were not wearing seat belts.

GM dealers will replace the ignition switch at no cost, but the timing of the recall has not yet been determined. Until the defect is corrected, GM is urging owners of effected cars to remove nonessential items from key rings. One owner of a 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt complained to the NHTSA last July that the engine in his vehicle turned off on several occasions. Karl Brauer, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book, stated that GM has improved the quality of its vehicles in the years since the recalled cars were manufactured; however, he went on to say that "this is another example of how potential engineering flaws from the past can come back to bit an automaker." Adler stated that the ignition switch defect was discovered when the company received reports of crashes where the air bags did not inflate. According to the documents filed with the NHTSA, GM knew of this issue as early as May 2013.

GM recalling nearly 780,000 older compact cars www.palmbeachpost.com February 13, 2014

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NYC Truck-Bus Crash Kills One, Injures at Least Four Others

February 13, 2014

883e4e730a7f4c448943a245e3799cd3-c1c28784786646e4ab4b2a76d0a6fc08-0.jpg An allegedly stolen box truck collided with a city bus at a Manhattan intersection early Wednesday morning, which caused both vehicles to land on the sidewalk and crash into scaffolding. Police received a 911 call at about 5:30 a.m. Wednesday reporting a stolen delivery truck. Just moments later, the delivery truck was traveling south on Seventh Avenue when it hit the bus driving east on 14th Street. Upon impact, both vehicles crashed into scaffolding surrounding a twelve-story commercial building. Authorities reported that the city bus driver, forty-nine-year-old Hillside, New Jersey resident William Pena, was killed and at least four others were injured.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman Kevin Ortiz stated that among the injured were a bus passenger and two individuals on the street, including a coffee cart vendor. According to reports, these individuals were all hospitalized. Charges are pending against the driver of the allegedly stolen truck, a twenty-two-year-old who is at Bellevue Hospital being treated for injuries sustained in the crash. Before crashing into the bus, the truck struck a person riding a scooter, who police say was also injured and transported to a local hospital.

The MTA reported that Pena was the first city bus driver to die in a motor vehicle crash in more than fourteen years. MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast stated, "Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Pena's family, and we are working closely with law enforcement to ensure the perpetrator of this crime is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." A witness who was standing on the same block but facing the opposite direction stated that when he heard the crash, it sounded like the scraping noise made by a snowplow. When Craig Ydolly spun around, he saw the scaffolding falling down on the truck and city bus and he also observed an injured individual on the ground. Ydolly stated that the bus was leaking gas. Jose Cherrez, the superintendent of a building just one block from the accident scene, stated that "it sounded like an explosion. I heard the ambulances about 10 minutes later." Following the fatal crash, Seventh Avenue between 13th and 15th streets and West 14th Street between Sixth and Eighth Avenues were closed. Bus service was rerouted around the scene; subway service was not affected by the crash.

1 dead, at least 4 injured in NYC bus-truck crash www.palmbeachpost.com February 12, 2013

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Investigations Continue in I-275 Wrong-Way Crash that Killed 5

February 11, 2014

usfcrash.jpg The Florida Highway Patrol continues to investigate what caused a deadly wrong-way crash on Interstate 275 in Tampa Sunday morning. Troopers are attempting to determine which entrance ramp the wrong-way driver entered to see how the driver got to the point of crashing head-on into a vehicle carrying four University of South Florida students. All four of the students and the wrong-way driver died in the crash. The students who lost their lives were twenty-year-old Fort Myers native Imtiyaz Ilias, twenty-one-year-old Melbourne native Dammie Yesudhas, twenty-one-year-old Orlando native Jobin Joy Kuriakose, and twenty-two-year-old Melbourne native Ankeet Harshad Patel. The driver of the wrong-way vehicle has not yet been identified because his body was so badly burned as a result of the collision.

Florida Highway Patrol Sergeant Steve Gaskins released a statement in which he said, "We are working with the medical examiner's office to positively identify who he is, though it might take medical and dental records." Gaskins also stated that toxicology tests, which will show whether either driver was impaired, take six to eight weeks to complete. Investigators are also working to determine how the wrong-way driver came to crash into the vehicle full of students. Gaskin said it is unclear where the driver entered the highway. "He may have turned around in the median. We can say with some level of certainty that he was going the wrong way for at least a mile or two, at least." Although there are video feeds at the highway entrance and exit ramps, they are used only for observing real-time traffic conditions, and do not provide videotape record of the driver on the highway.

A donation website has been created for the families of the students who were killed in the crash. A message on the website states, "It is unimaginable what the families must be going through right now. As we all work through this difficult time, it is important for us to come together and form a support net for the family. We are asking all of our family, friends, Greek community members, and associates help by donating as much as they can. Every little bit counts."

Crash that killed 5 still under investigation www.palmbeachpost.com February 10, 2013

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Child Car Crash Fatalities Reach Record Lows

February 7, 2014

30e71b8970f24504bcf1b016d9593a1b-1fdd43dde68d4867b0922a4417a7acaa-0.jpg The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a report showing that children are dying less frequently in traffic accidents. Over one decade, the number of children who died in car crashes dropped by forty-three percent. According to health officials, at least part of the reason for the decline was the increased use of car seats and booster seats. Despite the general increase in use of these seats, one-third of the children twelve and under who died in 2011 were not wearing a seatbelt or safety restraint. Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says that "the first step is buckling up. Every child, of every age, on every trip."

The CDC studied crash fatalities of children twelve and under from 2002 through 2011, a time when traffic deaths overall declined to levels not seen in over fifty years. Young children traditionally account for only a small portion of the total deaths caused by car crashes. Children accounted for 650 of the 21,000 deaths of drivers and passengers in the last year of the CDC study. Preliminary figures for 2012 show the number of child fatalities decreased to 637. Jonathan Adkins, deputy director of the Governors Highway Safety Association, commented that children are not the ones who go out drinking or driving at night, which is the time at which many of these deadly accidents occur. He said that teens and young adults account for the largest share of traffic deaths.

The CDC study was not meant to provide answers as to why the number of young children dying in car crashes has declined; experts believe that the decline can be credited to a large increase in state laws requiring car seats and booster seats and programs that encourage adults to make sure their kids are buckled up. The CDC noticed a racial disparity in how well these laws and programs have worked--nearly half of the black and Hispanic children who died in car accidents in 2009 and 2010 were not sitting in safety seats or wearing seat belts, compared to only a quarter of the deaths of white children. Experts say this may be because of income and the cost of car seats. Many car seats cost over $100 and can be quite difficult to install. Frieden stated that there are community programs that provide assistance and subsidies for car seats. Health officials encourage parents to keep all children twelve and under in the back seat and utilize car seats and booster seats until seat belts fit correctly. They also recommend that car seats face the rear up until age two. Just last month, the NHTSA proposed new regulations to provide better protection during side-impact crashes to children in car seats.

Child traffic deaths drop 43 percent over decade www.palmbeachpost.com February 4, 2013

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